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Why is Be Wild Sprout Waldorf Inspired?

We build our core education on outdoor learning, arts and seasonal festivals.

The intimate communal nature of small schools allows us to effectively implement some important facets of Waldorf inspiration. Small schools of all specialties can be guided and inspired by the Steiner-Waldorf philosophy of education, particularly the components that are most universal, including:

  • Regular learning in the out of doors
  • Gardening 
  • Seasonal celebrations
  • Circle seating, eye to eye level
  • A focus on the arts at all ages and across the curriculum 
  • Weekly gatherings of the whole school
  • Including”hand-work,” i.e. cooking, building chicken coops, gardening and the arts
  • A focus on core values that tie directly into daily activities
  • A particular focus on gratitude
  • Nurturing Imagination: Folk and fairy tales, fables, and legends are integrated throughout the Waldorf curriculum. This can include literary selections in concert with collegiate expectations, but that still emphasize development of creativity and imagination.